Choosing an NAS server for home or small business

Qnap-TS-451The popularity of NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers is growing every year. The position of such solutions on the market is getting stronger, and they are used successfully not only in large companies, but also in small businesses and home environments. They are excellent data processing platforms, which make it easier to build a safe virtualization environment and allow for the creation of a central stock of photos, videos and music.

There are many companies specialising in NAS solutions, but the products offered by QNAP and Synology are the ones which are most popular among customers. This is no coincidence, as the manufacturers set new paths for the development of the NAS sector by providing top-quality functionality. They deliver products tailored to the needs of every customer. Below we present proposals of specific solutions that combine high performance and scalability with an affordable price, and are reasonable offers for both private and business customers.


qnap-ts-251-300x210Before you buy NAS you should determine the needs of the particular environment and adjust the specific hardware features accordingly. In some applications it is necessary to utilise enhanced functionalities, while in other cases standard versions may be sufficient. Starting with the highest class, we recommend models TS-451+ and TS-251+, which deal perfectly with the growing demand for storage, backup, synchronization, data sharing, remote access and multimedia processing. The devices are equipped with Intel quad-core processors. These scalable high-performance solutions are dedicated to professional users. Smart operating systems QTS 4.2 make them very easy to use. They are perfectly suited for users who wish to have access to a secure private cloud that provides easy access to data. They allow you to run virtual machines with Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android directly on the server (using a Virtualization Station) and isolated Linux systems, as well as to download container applications (Container Station).  They can also play videos in 1080p resolution and multichannel HDMI audio. Full HD video stream transcoding can be done on the fly or offline. Qsirch search tool facilitates the quick finding of files.

TS-431+ and TS-231+ are a good choice for slightly less demanding users; they are high-performance data processing centres for backup, synchronization, remote access, distinguished by intuitive operation and perfect as a source of home entertainment. The Notes Station application is great for small businesses – it allows you to save notes and share them in cloud. The models are equipped with ARMCortex-A15 dual-core processor, three USB 3.0 ports and two LAN ports. Their use results in higher efficiency, better organisation of resources and backup, synchronization between hardware, full NAS encryption and streaming through DLNA, Chromcast and AirPlay. They also make it possible to build a round-the-clock monitoring centre.

Solutions such as TS-212P and TS-112PO are sufficient for users with basic needs. Like the devices described above, they are characterised by high performance and easy operation. They are functional data storage centres for creating backups, synchronization between hardware, remote access, and home entertainment (photos, audio and video). A personal cloud provides instant access and management of files. The models are based on QTS 4.0. They allow for operation through a smartphone or tablet.


ds1815-synologyJust like QNAP, Synology solutions are characterised by high quality and efficient operation. While looking for basic functionalities you should check the DS215J dual-bay model that allows for the creation of backup, multimedia streaming and synchronization in cloud. Slightly larger needs can be satisfied by DS414J and DS214, which are perfect as central backup servers. Regardless of the operating system, the solutions offer Cloud Service, which makes it possible to synchronize files between servers. Those are four-bay NAS servers with dual-core processors and an integrated coprocessor. The high level performance of solutions is proven especially during the transfer of images or videos. The needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises can be met by RS815, a four-bay 1U rack server for storage and protection of data. The model is equipped with a dual-core CPU with integrated coprocessor to increase the capabilities of the CPU and 1 GB of RAM for the purposes of multitasking. It also facilitates failover and drive hot swap. If necessary, the drive can be expanded by connecting the Synology RX415 expansion unit to provide an additional volume of 32 TB.

Developing companies will appreciate the features of RS2416+/RS2416RP+, equipped with Btrfs for snapshots planning, as well as ensuring data integrity and the high performance required in the modern workplace. The models have quad-core CPUs operating at 2.4 GHz. The built-in LAN ports with Link Aggregation and failover options provide redundancy to minimize downtime in the case of device failure. The simultaneous use of HDD and SSD devices improves bandwidth and reduces costs.

You should also consider the ultra-efficient DS1815+, which is optimised for encryption and demanding tasks. This functional, multi-tasking NAS makes it easier to gain a competitive advantage and ensures uninterrupted operation. The model is equipped with eight bays, quad-core CPU (2.4 GHz) and a hardware encryption module. It is excellent for the storage of sensitive data. An additional advantage of this device is the ease of installation, service and the hot swap option. Passive cooling minimizes the risk of failure.

All of the above-mentioned solutions can be found at senetic.co.uk. We are going to present NAS servers dedicated to corporate environments soon. We are looking forward to doing business with you!


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