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U Fiber – a wide range of cables and modules

The U Fiber category includes a wide range of modules and cables for new installations and the development of existing structures. The modules are dedicated for fibre connectivity with SFP sockets.

The manufacturer offers multimodule solutions, e.g.:
UF-MM-10G:SFP+10 Gbps


and single-module:


UF-SM-10G:SFP+,10 Gbps,
UF-SM-10G-S:SFP+,10 Gbps,BiDi.


In the case of multi-module connections that exceed the limit of 100 metres the UF-MM-10G and UF-MM-1G would be the best choice. The former works perfectly for 300 m distances with 10 Gbps speed. The later is dedicated to up to 550 m distances with 1 Gbps speed.

Structures with longer distances should use UF-SM-10G (up to 10 km with 10 Gbps) and UF-SM-1G (up to 3 km with 1 Gbps) modules.

In their bidirectional offer the manufacturer provides UF-SM-1G-S and UF-SM-10G-S devices. The equipment is perfect for the maximum use of the existing infrastructure. Due to the use of two wave lengths on one fibre they should be paired as one module set.


The U Fiber offer is complemented by cables for the development of outdoor fibre cable structure. They are light and elastic as well as durable. The manufacturer offers 100, 200 and 300 ft versions.

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