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Ubiquiti logoUbiquiti Networks is an American company founded in 2005. The company's offer is mainly wireless devices specifically intended for small and medium businesses.


The main objective for Ubiquiti is to narrow down the digital divide by building communication networks around the world. Leading devices series such as AirMax™, Unifi™, airFiber™, airVision™, MFI™ and EdgeMAX™ are a combination of innovative solutions with modern technology and an attractive price. All of these elements make the perfect support for users in order to eliminate obstacles in communication.


Ubiquiti provides versatile solutions based on open architecture. The application of the Air OS - advanced operating system, enables the full use of the device that it is installed on. That includes routers, switches, bridges, point-to-point stations, point-to-multiple-point stations and CCTV monitoring systems.


The Ubiquiti's devices have many unique features such as adjusting bandwidth control (data download/upload), PPPoE customer, channel width adjustment (5/10/20 MHz) and QoS for the 802.11e service quality. An interesting functionality of the device is also the Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables programmatically to modify and adjust devices to meet specific needs.


An extravagant look, aggressive marketing, marvelous quality and attractive price are distinguished qualities of this young American company. Ubiquiti products are considered stable devices which in addition are characterized by a very good range which satisfies even the most demanding users.


The most popular products are:

- Ubiquiti UNIFI - Access Point easy to use operating in the 2.4 GHz band,

- Ubiquiti NanoBridge M - anti-interference shield designed for external solutions,

- Ubiquiti NanoStation - comprehensive solution for building complex radio bridges,

- Ubiquiti AirCam - compact IP camera powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet),

- Ubiquiti AirGrid - radio system working in 802.11 a/n standard.


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