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1 year(s)
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365K Organizations Across the Globe Trust Us!
We make our solutions simple, flexible and reliable so customers are sure their data is protected and always available safe. For over a decade Veeam has delivered industry-first capabilities and world-class customer support, which has led to hundreds of thousands of loyal, satisfied customers across the globe

Top 4 Reasons Our Customers Choose Veeam

1. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data.

2. Our platform is open and compliments a broad ecosystem of partners to easily integrate our solution into any customer environment.

3. Veeam is software-defined and hardware agnostic providing the ultimate in best-in-class solutions and customer flexibility.

4. We provide simple, flexible and reliable Backup so our customers can go beyond and focus on their business – there’s a reason they like to say “Veeam, it just works”.

Trusted by 82% of the Fortune 500
Organizations that run on Veeam Availability Platform are more efficient and much quicker to respond to business needs and deliver new digital services. Veeam customer satisfaction scores are 3.5x the industry average because our solution is:

- Simple
Granular recovery, analytics, scalable architecture

- Flexible
Software-defined, hardware agnostic, cloud ready

- Reliable
100% tested, portable data format, “it just works”

Clear Market Leader
Customers, partners and analysts agree that Veeam is a leader in the industry.
We're proud to be recognized by Gartner, Ovum and IDC.

Innovating by the Numbers
Regardless of where customer data resides — virtual and physical systems, SaaS services, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud — our platform helps companies keep their business running.

Partnering for Success
Veeam partners with 70K+ industry-leading hardware and software partners, system integrators and service providers. Together, we close the gap between what today's businesses expect and what IT can deliver.
Number of years
1 year(s)