Ubiquiti Radome, 3€™ RocketDish

Ubiquiti Radome, 3€™ RocketDish

Ubiquiti Isolator Shield for NanoBeam

Ubiquiti Isolator Shield for NanoBeam

Ubiquiti Isolator Ring for PowerBeam 620

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Ubiquiti ISO-BEAM-620 - reliable isolator 

The ISO-BEAM-620 is an anti-interference solution intended for the following devices: airFiber AF-5G30-S45, PowerBeam PBE-5AC-620, PowerBeam PBE-M5-620 and RocketDish RD-5G30-LW.

The ISO-BEAM-620 protects equipment from unfavourable weather conditions such as snow, rain or wind.


Modern design

The device boasts a simple, modern design and highest manufacturing qualities. Its use enhances performance parameters.



It is easy to install. The installation process requires the use of only one screw. The device can be installed on already working equipment as well.



Interference reduction

The ISO-BEAM guarantees perfect interference resistance. The casing is built from durable components which leads to high resistance.



Key features

  • high quality
  • efficient interference protection
  • durable construction
  • modern design


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