Compare the costs of maintaining a server and Microsoft Azure

Buying a server is a big expense, and its use requires additional financial resources. However, already on the day of purchase you are aware that for the coming months or even years, you will only benefit from a fraction of its capacity. Therefore, it is good to bet on a proven solution and only pay for what you need. By choosing the Microsoft Azure platform, you can easily increase a CPU power, disk capacity and RAM.

The variety of Microsoft Azure options will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users, perfectly addressing the needs of any environment. Compare sample costs of buying and maintaining a physical server, and the costs of an equivalent Microsoft Azure solution.

Components Physical server Microsoft Azure
server_iconDevice connected to the network, working for the benefit of other programs. It is used to share certain resources with other computers, and they can also be used to transfer data between computers. Due to its function, the server must be reliable.Server
Lenovo x3650 M5 Xeon 8C E5-2620 v4 VM A8 v2
processor_iconThe most important element of the server determining its performance.CPU
Intel Xeon E5, 2.1 GHz, 8 cores 8 cores
memory_iconInternal storage is where data being processed. Its capacity is related to CPU performance.Internal memory
16 GB 16 GB
disc_iconAnother important piece of server equipment that affects the performance. The capacity of the drive depends on how much data can be conatined on the server.Driver
Lenovo 300 GB 300 GB
power_iconThe power adapter has a significant impact on the smooth server performance. To avoid possible downtime due to failure, you need to invest in a redundant power supply.Power supply
Lenovo System x 750W
Cost £1,900 (one-time) £300 (monthly)
Compare the costs of maintaining a server and Microsoft Azure
Server purchase
and maintenance – 1 year
£13,960 £3,610
save £10,349
Server purchase
and maintenance – 3 years.
£38,080 £10,832
save £27,247
Learn more about the monthly extra costs of server maintenance
space_iconRegardless of where the servers are located, they occupy a space that is often overlooked in the calculation. In addition, you face the costs of purchasing a server cabinet and wiring, a UPS and other accessories.Server rack
electricity_iconHeavy use of server power is associated with greater power consumption.Electrical energy
Internet_iconBuying a server is also an investment in a basic internet connection, often also an auxiliary one. The bigger the need, the stronger (and more expensive) connection is needed.Internet connection
AC_iconProper cooling is the basis for maintaining a good server room. A special, efficient air conditioning system is required, which is not only costly but also consumes considerable amounts of electricity. Air conditioning failure can have serious consequences.Air conditioning
administrative_iconEvery server infrastructure requires an administrator. The cost of his work is very often included in the salary he receives, so it is not added to the actual expense of maintaining the server.Infrastructure administration
replacement_iconThe failure of the heavily-exploited equipment is a problem that is difficult to avoid. Damage to the disks, UPS battery consumption, etc., are additional costs to consider before making a decision about the purchase.Replacement of faulty hardware
insurance_iconWise entrepreneurs insure their server rooms. Regardless of whether it is damage or liability insurance, it is another constant cost that must be included in the operation of the physical server.Insurance
save_iconBoth the server and the data stored on it require top-level protection. This means the need to invest not only in the appropriate software or IT security professionals. The server also requires physical security measures, among others. Access systems or CCTV.Security
Monthly costs £1,005 £0

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We know that making the decision to move your server to a cloud is quite difficult. This will be easier with our expertise and continuous support from Microsoft engineers. We aim to identify a solution that is more favourable than buying a physical server, and we adopt an end-to-end approach, offering full support before you decide on moving to Microsoft Azure. With many years of experience in selling servers, we know that their maintenance and upgrading the ageing infrastructure can be costly.

We are also aware that the full potential of hardware is not used until months or even years after its purchase. With Microsoft Azure, you can be certain that you only pay for what you actually use. When offering an alternative for a physical server we will present the costs of each Microsoft Azure solution. Together with Microsoft experts we will also provide service deployment support. Contact us the learn the detailed costs and see how you can benefit from moving your server to Microsoft Azure!

Physical server vs. Microsoft Azure – comparison of total costs of ownership (cumulative)

Azure wykres Azure wykres
Year Physical server Azure Save with Azure
1 £13,960 £3,610 £10,349
2 £26,020 £7,221 £18,798
3 £38,080 £10,832 £27,247
4 £50,140 £14,442 £35,697
5 £62,200 £44,146 £44,146

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