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Microsoft Open Value
Microsoft Open Value is for small to midsize organizations with five or more desktop PCs that want a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. Open Value provides flexibility to acquire licenses or add product licenses as needed. Additional cost savings are available when standardizing desktop PC licensed product Organization-Wide.

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Open Value is Microsoft’s popular software licensing programme for businesses and organizations interested in the purchase of permanent licenses (perpetual). The Open Value agreement is signed for a period of 3 years and payment can be made at one time or in annual instalments. Each license includes a Software Assurance (L+SA) package which ensures quick access to the latest software version, training for employees, special technical support and discounts on software for employees.


The functional configurator simplifies the placement of an order, helps to specify the type of license (commercial or government), chooses between Company-Wide or Non-Company-Wide solutions and specifies the preferred form of payment.


Licenses with the option for the entire company (Company Wide) are available for businesses with at least 5 computers which are interested in software unification based on at least one of the major Microsoft platforms. Non-Company-Wide licenses allow the easy purchase of subsequent licenses at any time of the agreement and in any quantity.


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The Open Value Government licensing option is available to eligible small-sized and medium-sized government entities, and is ideal for those who need to purchase smaller quantities of licenses and who need a simple and flexible model.
Company-Wide Option:

With the Non-Company-wide option, you can license software on a portion of your desktops or servers and manage your software costs by paying for your license in three annualized payments. If you have a Company-wide agreement, you can simplify management of your licenses by adding Non-Company-wide licenses onto your Company-wide agreement.

With the Company-wide option, you can receive significant cost savings over other Open License options and secure a single price per desktop (five desktop minimum) for your entire organization.

You pay for licenses just once - at the beginning of a 3-year license agreement.

If you choose spread payments, the total payment is divided into three equal parts that should be settled at the beginning of each year of the license agreement.

If you are expert in Microsoft Open Value Licensing you can also order products from our Open Value tool for experts.


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