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    Microsoft Volume Licensing

    We offer 3 types of Microsoft Volume Licensing:
    Microsoft Open License
    Licenses ownership
    Up-front payment

    Open License is a good volume licensing option if you are a corporate, academic, charitable or government organisation that wants to pay as you go. Because you pay for licences as you need them, you get maximum flexibility to grow with your organisation’s increasing and changing business needs.

    The Open License agreement requires a minimum initial purchase of five software licences, but you can acquire additional licensed products through Open License in any quantity at any time during the two-year agreement term. Microsoft® Software Assurance for Volume Licensing can be purchased at the time of the licence purchase to help you get the most out of your software investment.
    Get Open License
    Microsoft Open License
    Licenses ownership
    Up-front or yearly payment

    Open Value is a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement.

    It’s ideal for organisations that want to standardise their IT infrastructure, customise their platform and maximise their investment with Microsoft® Software Assurance.

    Open Value has a three-year commitment term and allows you to upgrade at any time so there is no need to track versions or open new agreements.
    Get Open Value
    Microsoft Open License
    Licence rental
    Yearly payment

    Open Value Subscription offers the same benefits as Open Value, but with lower up-front costs.

    With Open Value Subscription you have the ability to increase or decrease your licence count on an annual basis to accommodate changes in your overall desktop PC quantity.

    This programme provides access to Microsoft software licences for the term of the agreement through subscription-based licensing and offers new Open Value Subscription customers potential savings up to 50 per cent on their first year’s payment through credit for qualified existing software.
    Get OV Subscription

    Microsoft logoMicrosoft is the biggest IT company in the world. It is known as the producer of the MS-DOS operating system, Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office software suite for businesses and individual consumers.


    The company was founded in 1975 with the aim creating a BASIC language interpreter, and quickly grew to create international offices in different parts of the world. DOS was the company's first major success - the first portable operating system for computers and microcomputers. In 1985, the first version of the Windows operating system was created and the Microsoft Office suite was introduced in 1989.


    Constant development and the customisation of Microsoft products to the needs of individual users have resulted in the software being divided to 3 main licensing groups.


    Licences are arranged as follows:

    - OPEN Licenses (MOLP) - available in an electronic version (through the VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center))

    - OEM licenses - dedicated and assigned to a specific item of physical hardware (server, laptop, desktop computer)

    - FPP Licenses (BOX) - standard boxed versions of the software, selected mostly by home users.


    Microsoft also classifies licences depending on the software’s scope of use:

    - Commercial licences - for companies and businesses

    - Educational licences - for educational and scientific entities

    - Government licences - for government institutions and offices.


    Such a wide range of licence options for software allows the appropriate licence to be selected for the individual needs of each customer.


    The Microsoft Office suites and Windows operating system (which ranges from domestic to server applications) are the most popular applications of the Microsoft brand. Rich language packs enable every computer user in the world to use Microsoft software smoothly and with ease.



    Microsoft licensing options:
    Open LicenseOpen ValueOpen Value SubscriptionOEMFPP (BOX DVD)
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